Matt Malone

With Tstreet since 2016

25 years coaching volleyball, fifth season with Tstreet!

Coach Malone has a long history of athletics. Born and raised in Huntington Beach, he played just about every sport, but focused on soccer, basketball, track and volleyball. He walked on the UCLA Track team and Volleyball team as a freshman in 1987, but decided to focus on volleyball, which he loved more. Unfortunately, after injuring his knee and back, he was cut from the team. Not wanting to call it quits, he focused on rehab, then transferred and practiced with the team at Long Beach State, helping them win the NCAA Championship in 1991. He started coaching in 1989 as the JV coach at Marymount High School in Los Angeles. He really enjoyed it and continued coaching after graduating from UCLA with a BS in Psychobiology. He has coached for 25 years at several volleyball clubs, including Surf City and Asics Nova, qualifying for Nationals at both. He has also been a head coach at many high schools, including Servite where his team made it to State in 1998.

Matt’s other passion is fitness. He has been a personal trainer since 1991. He has been certified as a personal trainer by AFAA and NASM and specializes in injury rehab and athletic performance, helping athletes have a longer and more successful career. He is always looking to help out anyone that needs it. Matt loves to spend time with his family. He and his wife Karen have twins, Kyle and Kelly, who are now in college, OCC and UCSB respectively. He is grateful to be working at Tstreet with such great coaches and under the direction of Troy Tanner, a member of the greatest US Men’s volleyball team in his opinion.