Wes Schneider

Wes Schneider

Director of Tstrength, Pomona and Irvine
Matt Malone

Matt Malone

Tstrength, Irvine


Tstrength, through Coach Wes, is to aimed to develop the full athlete. A complete athlete understands that it is their duty to be in the best physical, mental, and emotional state as possible in every practice/match. To be in that state, training their body becomes a priority.  This program is a semi-customized, group coached, training program where our athletes will learn and grow as an athlete. Contact Coach Wes for more information and to set up training.


Wes has been involved as a personal trainer or strength coach for over 30 years. It all started as a young, hard working athlete that other athletes wanted to train with, and slowly morphed into personal training. From there, Wes has worked with junior high to Olympic and professional athletes. Over time, he began programming strength and conditioning programs for colleges that didn’t have strength coaches on staff. To date, Wes has consulted over 15 different colleges as a Strength and Conditioning consultant. Having had countless national certifications, including NASM, NSCA, ACE, ISSA, IFPT, etc., his most recent venture has been into the realm of CrossFit, where he is a Level 1 coach, as well as a CrossFit Games athlete himself.  His passion to guide and develop young athletes to become their best stems from his own drive to be the best he can be as well.

Matt has trained hundreds of clients since 1991. His emphasis has been rehabilitation and improving athletic performance. He has trained in many health clubs, most notably Sports Club Irvine and San Francisco, where he became NASM certified and eventually a Master Trainer in Rehabilitation and Pre- and Post-Natal Fitness. He has trained fitness staff and lead seminars in fitness through the years.
His rehabilitation specialty arose from learning and correcting his own injuries. At UCLA, he walked on the Track and Volleyball teams, but after a year, had to stop participating because of severe back pain due to degenerative disc disease. He focused on rehabbing his back, as well as his knee and shoulder, and transferred to Long Beach State, where he played volleyball his last year of eligibility.
He is fluent in many stretching modalities, including Feldenkrais and the Egoscue Method, as well as Corrective stretching techniques from NASM. Core training and functional fitness are his main focuses when training athletes to make sure that they have proper muscle balance to prevent injuries.



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