Tstreet Volleyball Club’s popular Tweens program bridges the gap between clinic training and club volleyball. Tweens participants receive quality instruction two times a week, a Tstreet uniform, and compete in local area tournaments.  Most Tweens athletes go on to play Club Volleyball, and the transition is seamless as Tweens are taught the same glossary and mechanics as Club players.  Tweens is an introductory program, but practices are serious and participants are expected to work hard, improve and have a great time. Playing time at tournaments is shared among all players. There are no tryouts for Seasonal Tweens – all are welcome!

Tweens runs 4 times a year and is open to all girls aged 9 to 14 at our Irvine and Inland Empire locations.



2 Locations

Irvine – Inland Empire

Dates, Times & Locations

Irvine Fall Tweens Practice Schedule:

Dates: Thursdays and Sundays , SEPTEMBER 10 – DECEMBER  13, 2020

Time: 4:00 – 5:30 PM

Location: Tstreet Volleyball Club


Inland Empire Tweens TBA:





Coaching Staff

Bailey Tanner

Tweens Coach

Jackson Pries

Tweens Coach

Jon Predney

Tweens Coach

Raymond Barsemian

Tweens Coach

Kya Bock

Tweens Coach

Erik Boisvert

Tweens Coach

Madi Corbett

Tweens Coach

Addison Enriques

Tweens Coach

Matt Malone

Tweens Coach

Zach Meyer

Tweens Coach

Blake Omartian

Tweens Coach

Hailee Ryan

Tweens Coach

Wes Schneider

Tweens Coach

Sandy Simon

Tweens Coach


Please check the CALENDAR for the latest practice, scrimmage & tournament information

For girls ages 9-14! Tweens bridges the gap between clinic training and club volleyball.