Sports Performance

Spencer Andrews, M. Sc., CSCS

Spencer Andrews, M. Sc., CSCS

Sports Performance Director
Shari Bernhardt, CSCS

Shari Bernhardt, CSCS

Sports Performance


One aspect of Tstreet that sets us apart from other clubs is our in-house Sports Performance program.  This is one of the only strength & conditioning programs in Orange County that is unique and specific to volleyball.  It is coached entirely by former professional volleyball players and certified personal trainers who coach at Tstreet, meaning that we can communicate with the athlete’s on-court coaches, understand the athlete’s specific strengths & weaknesses, and then come up with a plan to help them achieve their maximum potential.
Last year was our first year with this program and it was so successful.  Our 15-1s added an average of 2.5″ to their vertical jump in only 8 weeks.  Our 17-1s saw 3 girls join the 10′ club after being promoted from 2s teams.  Our girls jumped higher, hit harder, and outlasted other teams on days 3 of those long, physically demanding qualifiers.  And, perhaps most importantly, we witnessed firsthand how the girls breathed, believed, battled and bonded over shared hard work, sweat, and smiles.
We have a variety of team- and individual-based options this summer and look forward to working with your daughters/sons next season.  We truly believe that the sky is the limit for our athletes and look forward to harder spikes, bigger blocks, and even more sick digs next season!

Sports Performance

Coach Spencer


Coach Shari


Dr. Katie D'Amato, DPT, CYT, CAFS

Dr. Katie D'Amato, DPT, CYT, CAFS

Balanced by Katie

Tstreet now has in house physical therapy support with Dr. Katie D’Amato of Balanced by Katie: Physical Therapy, Yoga & Wellness.  Dr. Katie is available for physical therapy related questions, injury diagnosis and treatment as well as preventative care.  She will have weekly office hours where players can sign up for 20 minute sessions on a weekly basis.

About Katie:

I’m Katie D’Amato, a physical therapist and certified yoga teacher. My well-rounded experience and holistic treatment approach helps clients be centered and balanced in their care.

My degrees and certifications include:

  • Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science at The College of New Jersey 2005

  • Doctorate of Physical Therapy at Rutgers University 2009

  • 200-hour Certified Yoga Teacher of Vinyasa Yoga 2015

  • Certification in Applied Functional Science from The Gray Institute 2017

My professional experience is primarily in Outpatient Orthopedic and Sports Medicine care and includes:

  • Recreational and multi-sport endurance athletes of all ages

  • Post-surgical patients

  • Geriatric patients balance training

  • Pre and Post-natal care complimenting Women’s Health Care

  • Pediatric developmental disabilities and cerebral palsy

  • Aquatic Therapy (Group and Individual)

I grew up in Randolph, NJ and have since lived and worked in Boston and now San Diego. As a child I was naturally inclined towards athletics and being outdoors. I love figuring out how things work and helping others, making physical therapy a natural fit for my career.


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