Taylor Rosas enters his 8th year of coaching at Tstreet, once again Head Coaching 12-1s and 17-1s. In his time at Tstreet, Taylor’s 12-1s finished 4th at Volleyball Festival in Phoenix, he assisted the 17-1s to a 25th place finish in the Open Division of the USA Volleyball Girls Junior National Championships, and his 13s took home a bronze medal in open in 2018.

Prior to coaching at Tstreet he coached at Sudden Impact Volleyball Club in the greater Seattle area for 5 years. He led a team to junior nationals in 2014 in USA division. He also coached at Bellevue High School helping the team make it to the State tournament for the first time in 20 years. While in Washington he studied volleyball under the tutelage of Jim McLaughlin and the rest of the University of Washington coaching staff learning how to teach the game of volleyball. Previous to coaching in Washington Taylor coached locally at Tesoro High School and at Balboa Bay Volleyball club. He is currently studying psychology to help himself gain a better understanding of how people learn to become a better volleyball coach.

At a young age Taylor found the game of volleyball and immediately fell in love with it. After a successful career in high school, club, and college he pursued playing volleyball on the beach. Achieving as high as a AAA rating in the CBVA and entering many AVP tournaments Taylor ended his career with a shoulder injury. Realizing he was not done with the sport of volleyball he turned his time and efforts to coaching. His passion for the game has left him a desire to learn and become a student of the sport.

When he is not in the gym, Taylor enjoys spending time with his daughter and the rest of his family. Taylor has an appreciation for nature and enjoys hiking and any activity at the beach. If there is a chance to be outside he will take it. He is newly married to Coach Sam Dobrzynski!