Boys Frosh/Soph Clinics

Camp Dates: 01/16/2022 to 03/27/2022

Camp Time: 6:00pm to 7:30pm

Ages: Freshmen and Sophomore Boys

Boys Frosh/Soph Serve and Pass Clinics

This clinic focuses on increasing serving velocity and accuracy. Three essential styles of serving (standing float, jump float and spin/spike serve) will be demonstrated and taught. Coaches focus on beginning posture, toss placement, arm and hand action, and follow through.

Service reception (passing) is also a major emphasis of this clinic. Developing a straight, consistent and “trusted” passing platform is the goal. Participants will learn to stay low, balanced and strong while receiving lots of reps and feedback.

January 16 – February 6, 2022

Boys Frosh/Soph Hitting and Blocking

This clinic focuses on advancing IQ and movement patterns of hitting and blocking. Coaches focus on several techniques, including max jumping, arm swings, hand angles and closing. Setters are encouraged to join to receive reps with live hitters and improve upon chemistry and connection. Coach to player ratio is low and athletes receive tons of reps.

February 27 – March 27, 2022